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Data Hub

Pantheon is a data hub that integrates seamlessly with your existing data landscape. It provides a central point of access to your data for business, data science and operational use. Pantheon integrates your data lake, data warehouse and operational systems and combines them into a single, virtual data platform.

Pantheon can quickly adapt to changes in the data landscape and ensure that existing consumers are not affected. Offering fast integration of new data sources, it supports rapid, data-driven proof-of-concepts and scales to production when required.

Powerful metadata repository

A powerful PSL schema repository documents relationships between data sets and the business meaning of data structures. Pantheon supports users in finding the right data sets and building queries against the schemas that return exactly the data they require.

Cost-based query optimizer

A database agnostic query engine optimizes and executes queries and supports multi-dimensional entities and sql queries.

Drag and drop query builder

Pantheon provides a drag and drop query builder that enables you to build queries leveraging the logical schemas or directly the underlying physical data landscape.

Access control

As a central access point, Pantheon is the ideal place to configure access management for different use cases and user groups, enabling compliance with confidentiality, security and privacy rules.


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